Step 6 of the Bare Foot Trim, How To Finish the Mustang Roll and the Bare Foot Trim

Step 6...

In step 6 of the bare foot trim you will work on the outside of the foot (not the bottom-side of the foot). So start by setting the foot on the ground. (Now is a good time to take a breather and stretch your back muscles.) You're almost done!

Complete mustang roll

If you have a hoof stand, pick the foot up slowly and give the horse time to stretch his leg out and rest his foot on the stand. If you don't have a stand you can accomplish this next part of the Mustang Roll by setting the horse's foot on your thigh.

Mustang roll, view from the outside of hoof

Find the best angle for both you and the horse to get comfortable before moving on. Just like before, move slowly, smoothly and deliberately when trying to find the best position for you and your horse.

To finish off the Mustang Roll you will simply smooth and round the outer hoof wall in towards the work you've already completed from the bottom side of the foot. You can start with the rough side of the rasp and finish with the smooth side for a clean finish.

Most of the work needed in this step will take place in the toe area of the hoof wall. Rasp this area enough to create a very rounded toe. The more blunt and round the better. Just remember not to start the roll any higher than one inch up the the hoof wall. Any higher up the wall will just weaken the wall unnecessarily. The outside of the hoof wall is the strongest part and we do not want to remove any more then necessary to promote smooth breakover, strong coffin bone/hoof wall attachment and prevent chipping and/or cracking.

Finished mustang roll

You're done! At least with one foot. The other feet, including the backs are bare foot trimmed the same way. How does it feel to have just helped your horse become stronger, healthier, happier and more athletic!

Stick with this bare foot trim and watch as your horse comes alive!


Finished barefoot trim

Do you want to watch a "how to video" for Step #6? If so, click this link. " onclick="return FIX.track(this);">Finishing the Mustang Roll

The “how to” steps and methods you have just read or followed on the bare foot trim are designed to maintain or improve relatively healthy horse hooves. The steps as described were not necessary designed to rehabilitate or correct existing horse hoof problems (although they will correct many hoof problems). If you are specifically trying to correct hoof problems please ( click here ) to see specific treatment steps in healing, correcting or rehabilitating hooves.

The finished bare foot trim

Also, I would like to say that while I'm describing to the best of my ability my own personal recommendations and opinions based on my experience with horses both shoeing and trimming I freely admit that many of my recommendations are shaped from other people's work who have had a great influence on me. Including (Pete Ramey) who is well published ( I would certainly recommend reading his web site ), and other friends and coworkers who are not published but have certainly influenced my opinions, knowledge and recommendations.

This bare foot trim style has evolved (and still is) over time through my experience. I live in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho (read About Us for details) and am confident in saying, this trim style works very well in this area to produce “Fear No Rocks” horse hooves. My personal horses are able to travel comfortably over trailless areas and remain healthy, sound and athletic. Even more so than when I kept them shod. I feel confident that your horses will greatly benefit from the bare foot trim too!

Side view of finished bare foot trim

Want to see one more video related to Step # 6? If you do, click on this link. " onclick="return FIX.track(this);">Hind foot Mustang Roll & Flare Removal

Print these 6 steps of the bare foot trim and hang them "on your barn door" so when you need to refer to them while trimming, you'll have them handy. Best of luck to you and your horses!

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